Book a Mobile CCTV Van for your event

The GCS mobile CCTV van in operation at the 2013 Tendring Show event, the vehicle is equipped with two fully functional PTZ cameras on the elevated mast plus a roof mounted Redvision PTZ, which incorperates both infra-red and white lights with a range up to 150 meters. It also has three static cameras, one on the front, one on the back and one inside. There is provision to connect four additional High definition static camera and 4 more dome cameras which can be mounted on a cherry picker and be deployed for larger events.

Such as more complicated event layouts, like the Clacton on Sea and Dunsfold Air Shows, we can provide radio linked remote cameras which can opperate from upto 1000 meters away. Also remote monitors can be used.

Inside the van there are six colour monitors, a keyboard controller and two multi channel digital recorders. The van can be powered by either an inverter which runs on batteries, from a generator or from a 240 volt mains supply.

For more information telephone 01255 220316.

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